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The exclusive Smart Look fabrics feature the unique fresh and wrinkle free properties and offer an exceptional added value: They enable our customers to create collections combining maximum wearing comfort, practicability and innovative design. Our natural performance fabrics are made of finest cotton, lyocell and linen for sustainable high-end shirts and blouses.


Experience the impeccable and fresh feeling of our Smart Look collection. For a flawless appearance and long lasting freshness in every situation with no need to compromise on style and comfort.

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Style meets Performance

Looking impeccable and feeling fresh - our new fabrics do not only meet but exceed the everyday needs of the dynamic businessman, enabling him to manage the day with confidence, no matter what's on the schedule.

Feel good in what you wear and be confident to master all challenges ahead of you dressed in highly functional weba Smart Look shirts presenting quality and style.

Look impeccable, feel fresh - be confident.

Be the best you - with the weba Smart Look.

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How It Works

By absorbing body moisture the fabrics are naturally smoothed and ensure the perfect wrinkle free look all day long. Our innovative finish provides protection against body odours and unpleasant scents from the environment - like cigarette smoke or food odours - by neutralising them. For a safe feeling of freshness.


Catch some inspiration! Get an insight into our AW 21 22 Smart Look collection and discover the colors of the season with all its influences.


All weba fabrics feature unique wrinkle free properties.

Wrinkle Free

By absorbing moisture from the body, the shirts are smoothed out naturally and guarantee a high degree of breathability. For a fresh, comfortable and impeccable look all day long.


Our smart fabrics keep you safe and fresh with an innovative technology that prevents body odours and keeps away unpleasant smells from your shirt. For an all day long feeling of freshness.

Natural Stretch

The wrinkle free natural stretch fabrics achieve up to 12% stretchability in the transverse direction without the use of synthetic fibres.


Lyocell-blends produce innovative and modern shirts especially for people who are constantly on the go. The natural fibre provides a perfect moisture management.

Odour Stop

With the special finishing treatment unpleasant odours don’t stand a chance. Your shirt will remain fresh and odourless all day long.

Stain Release

Stain release fabrics have a liquid-repellent effect. Thanks to its special technical treatment liquid substances do not even get into the fabric, but roll off directly.


“Pure” shirts feature a silver ion finishing, subsequently even perspiration doesn‘t create an unpleasant odour. “Pure” fabrics offer maximum freshness the whole day.

Organic Cotton

Already 20% of our Smart Look collection is made of organic cotton. Our goal is to produce more than 50% of our collection from organic cotton by 2025.

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NOS Smart Look - A bunch of performances!

Discover our sustainable and innovative Never out of Stock - Collection.

Impeccable & fresh for a flawless look and confident manner.

Our NOS fabrics are mainly made of Organic Cotton and are all treated with our Wrinkle Free and Fresh finishings. The latter neutralizes body odours and as well as scents from the environment and provides a 24h - fresh feeling.

For an outstanding and dynamic wearing comfort you can also find a wide selection of Natural Stretch fabrics.

Further highlights are performance fabrics with special functions and properties

Stain Protection | Aloe Vera | Lyocell | HeiQ Viroblock

  • Within the scope of Performance fabrics, the water repellent Stain Protection finish allows liquids to roll off immediately without leaving a stain.
  • The addition of Lyocell serves to support moisture management in a natural way through a high capacity of moisture retention.
  • The special Aloe Vera finish is designed for extra sensitive skin types.
  • Our latest finish by HeiQ Viroblock has antimicrobial properties and is well suited for apparel in addition to community masks.

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