As responsible, long-term oriented entrepreneurs, we see the protection of the environment as a crucial basis for our business.

Our goals and promises

All our fabrics are made of natural, renewable fibres.

By 2025 we want to make more than 50% of our collection from organic cotton.

Wherever possible, we source the energy for our production from renewable resources such as hydropower and solar power.

To reduce CO2 emissions, we have joined the voluntary program of Energy Agency Swiss Private Sector (EnAW).

Transparent and traceable

As a manufacturer of high-quality products, we attach great importance to a transparent manufacturing process and complete traceability. Best example is our organic cotton in Egypt, which we go along with consistently from seed to finished fabric in Switzerland. The processes are reviewed by independent centres and are constantly refined.

We also work on projects that use blockchain technology as well as on the use of DNA markers to ensure that our raw materials and fabrics are traceable up to the finished product.



cotton cultivation



collection of cotton bales



seed and contaminations are removed



fibres are spun into yarn



yarn is dyed to obtain preferred colour



premium quality fabric is produced



treatment to smoothen and equip fabric with desired properties



putting the garment together


Brand & Retailer

retail in stores

Our Giza-Cotton fields in egypt

Learn more about our commitment and the GIZA organic cotton in Alexandria, Egypt, by watching the Video.

Karte Felder 6

In spring 2018 we started growing and cultivating our own GIZA organic cotton in Egypt. Our organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards (EU-Ecoregulation (EC) No 834/2007).

In October 2018 the first harvest took place in Damietta. In doing so, the organic grown, most exclusive cotton sort, GIZA 45, was hand-harvested. The cotton fields were selected based on their combination of nutrients in the soil, rain, hours of sunshine and humidity to achieve the best quality of each cotton sort.

In 2019, the cultivation was expanded to three sorts.

  • GIZA 45 in Kafr El Gab, Damietta
  • GIZA 96 in Kafr El Gab, Damietta
  • GIZA 86 in Alexandria