Recycled Polyester for a dynamic casual style

Stretch fabrics for casual styles

The world is constantly changing – now more than ever – that entire process is dynamic and requires people to be dynamic, too.

This approach affects all areas of life – fashion as well as professional life. The demand for comfortable clothing that offer freedom of movement is constantly increasing.

The athleisure trend, which was originally born out of the idea that you can wear something as comfy as sweatpants - both in everyday life and at work - without actually doing so, led among other things to the rise in demand for comfortable clothing that offers freedom of movement and wearing comfort.

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Global recycle standard

Weba combines this relaxed wearing comfort with a smart dress code and a sustainability promise.

Our Relax fabric is made of 97% GRS-certified polyester and 3% elastane. This allows us to offer the desired stretch effect without neglecting our sustainability principles.

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Experience the light and airy and above all soft feeling on your skin.

But not only look & feel & fit comply with the new casualisation, also the care properties of the Relax fabric are excellent and guarantee, among other things, complete freedom from ironing.

The Quick Dry effect and the Odour Stop finish of the Relax fabric as well as its breathability optimise the already pleasant feel of this light and soft material. Moreover, this textile is completely crease-free and does not even need to be ironed.


Due to their non-creasing property, polyester fabrics allow for a flawless look - all day long.

Odour Stop

Unpleasant odours don't stand a chance thanks to a special mineral finishing technology. For clothes that give you a 24/7 feeling of freshness.

Moisture Management

Polyester fibres allow moisture to be wicked away quickly so that it cannot linger on the skin or in the fabric for long. This results in a short drying time - also after washing.

Pleasant Wearing Comfort

The smooth, fine polyester fibres form a flowing fabric that is pleasantly soft, breathable and cool on the skin.

Recycling Fibers

By recycling and reusing polyester according to the GRS standard, this fabric also does a great job in terms of sustainability.

Non Iron

Wash & Go! The easy-care fabric allows for non-iron clothing. Simply hang up neatly after washing - let dry - put on.


Three percent elastane allow stretch in all directions for unlimited freedom of movement.

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Discover all the designs in our weba Relax Collection. We look forward to your message any time. Alternatively, we would be happy to receive your call.

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ATHLEISURE FABRICs Based on antural fibers

The new casual style is of course also possible without the use of polyester. For those who prefer the look and feel of non-synthetic fibres, we recommend our light and airy merino wool fabrics from the Limitless Collection.

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