Sartoria Collection

Discover our exclusive tailor-made collection out of finest merino wool. With unique performance materials, we want to contribute our part to this everlasting and special craftsmanship.

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The highest level of perfection

For many men the the shirt is both, a fashion statement and an expression of sovereignty. In case a higher level of individuality or exclusiveness is desired, or if the perfect size cannot be found within the context of regular clothing, shirts are often made to measure. An optimal fit and absolute exclusivity also require a unique sensation in wearing for unlimited comfort.

That's why we at weba have composed a selection of our finest Limitless fabrics for custom tailoring all over the world. Furthermore this Sartoria collection enables small order quantities.

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Why Sartoria

Without any doubt today's shirting industry offers variation in abundance. To achieve a perfect fit manufacturers strive to meet a large spectrum of different body shapes. But also the range of colours, patterns and design elements such as collars or cuffs leave little to be desired.

Nevertheless, in terms of exclusivity and individuality, tailoring cannot be surpassed and moreover it is a very special and valuable craft for us which we would like to support. Every body has its specific nature and those who don't want to spend much time searching for the perfect shirt, can precisely respond to their individual body characteristics by going for a tailored shirt.

Moreover, customers can now decide on each additional component exactly as they wish ideas – starting with the measures of the shirt and completing it with picking their favourite buttons. Last but not least, customers
can choose the fabric that suits their skin, style and colour preferences.


Discover the weba Sartoria collection of Limitless fabrics - the perfect combination of functionality, wearing comfort and aesthetics - exclusively for custom tailoring.

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Why Limitless

Tailor-made shirts embody exclusivity which we want to emphasize by contributing appropriate shirt fabrics. The Limitless product line mainly consists of premium merino wool - partly complemented by high-quality linen and silk yarns. Furthermore, our Limitless shirt fabrics meet the requirements of the new era of men's shirts in which athleisure is more and more setting the tone. Our merino fabrics are not only light and airy on the skin but also embody the corresponding shirt style - loose and casual. They offer an exclusive alternative to cotton fabrics and support a high-quality casual look. As a premium product they offer all the advantages of merino wool. Accordingly, these fine fabrics are crease-resistant and thermoregulating, guaranteeing excellent wearing comfort.

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