For our Limitless collection we use certified organic cotton, Merino wool and upcycled cotton / lyocell, as well as blends of silk and linen to achieve a unique wearing comfort.

Limitless Mood

Limitless is an attitude

With the Limitless collection we combine the casualness of modern business textiles with sporty multifunctionality whilst being sustainable and natural. And all this with outstanding wearing and natural care comfort. Limitless is the answer to the athleisure trend and supports its wearer in his mindset.

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weba’s Merino wool

Limitless consists mainly of finest, lightweight Merino wool. This exclusive fine spun Merino wool – super 130’s and super 150’s – is obtained from free-living Australian and New Zealand sheep and is guaranteed to be mulesing-free.

Finest lightweight merino wool

Learn more about the special features of the wonder fibre and our sheep in Appenzell.


The Merino fibre has, quite naturally, unique properties.

Crease resistance

Merino wool almost never creases and only needs to be ironed gently, if at all.


weba’s Merino fibres with a micron of 16.5–17.2 are extremely fine and are perceived as very soft and pleasant.

UV protection

Merino wool absorbs some UV rays and keeps them away from the skin.

Anti Odour

Due to the special structure of the woolen fabric, almost no bacteria can stick to it, which prevents the development of unpleasant odours.


The wavy structure of the fibres allows body heat to be trapped between the air pockets, conserves heat while warming the wearer. When it is warmer outside, the moisture created is transported away from the body and thereby cooling.


Merino wool is 100% eco-friendly, making it bio-degradable and reusable. In addition, Merino products are environmentally friendly, as they don’t need to be washed often due to their self-cleaning properties.

Easy Washability

Lightly dabbing or wetting the area removes smaller stains. Merino products are machine-washable, however, they can be worn several times without washing.They are ready to be worn again after hanging and airing.

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