Special fabric for non-medical face masks (“community masks”) with antiviral and antibacterial properties

Which masks protect against corona?

Any mask protects against infection to a certain degree, however, the effectiveness of a mask and the contexts in which their use makes sense depends of the type of mask. To protect against small aerosols, what are known as FFP masks must be worn that are at least protection class 2, but 3 is best.

A surgical face mask only really protects against larger droplets and is used in situations in which the wearer might come into direct contact with another person’s bodily fluids. They are also worn to protect others from the wearer’s bodily fluids. That means surgical face masks are a measure that is often more about protecting others than about protecting the wearer.

weba Antivir fabrics
Swiss Innovation and Swiss Technolgy

Important information: Fabrics that have been finished with HeiQ Viroblock Technology are not medical products! Infections can still occur.

Liquid-repellent cotton fabric with antibacterial and antiviral properties

  • Hydrophobic finish to keep droplets, saliva from penetrating in from the outside or out from the inside. Bacteria and viruses are almost completely destroyed
  • Antiviral and antibacterial finish – HeiQ Viroblock Technology (see HeiQ function)
  • Washable 5 times at 40°C
  • Water repellent – Spraytest 90
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ökotex STeP certified, contaminant free guarantee

Particularly suited: as the outer fabric for protective face masks for single or multilayer masks with water repellent properties.

Product recommendations:

Pavia Popelin water-repellent + AntiVir
100% cotton, 119 g/m2, 148 cm effective width

Monaco Twill water-repellent + AntiVir
100% cotton, 117 g/m2, 148 cm effective width

range of application for fabrics with antiviral, antibacterial and liquid-repellent properties

In addition to protective face masks, these fabrics are also suitable for producing shirts, blouses, lab coats and aprons.

You can select from different weight categories to determine the optimal fabric
to suit your needs.

Weba ANTIvir with Swiss HEIQ VIROBLOCK technology

HeiQ Viroblock function: HeiQ Viroblock inhibits the growth of bacteria and (enveloped) viruses on textile surfaces.

It is a unique combination of two technologies:
- HeiQ vessicle technology
- HeiQ silver technology

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