Production plants

The Swiss alba Group has two weaving mills: one at the company’s headquarters in Appenzell and the second in Egypt, the home of cotton.

Both sites are equipped with state-of-the-art Swiss weaving machines and benefit from the company’s longstanding know-how in the production of top-quality fabrics from cotton or blended yarns such as cotton/Tencel, cotton/elastane or cotton linen.

The Swiss site also houses the Design and Sample Centre


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Elvy Weaving SAE

Borg al-Arab/Ägypten

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Our raw material consists predominantly of premium long-staple Giza and Supima cotton. Only a small percentage of the annual harvest meets our quality criteria. Only the finest-quality cotton is suitable for our choice fabrics, which are not only highly durable, but also extremely comfortable.

weba also specialises in “functional” fabrics with added-value features such as “wrinkle-free” or “crystal finish”. For further information, see. In addition to cotton, we also use ultra-eco-friendly Tencel yarns or cool, lightweight linen. Stretch fabrics with elastane or 100% cotton stretch content are a weba speciality.

The following film shows how weba goes about producing premium shirt and blouse fabrics from the finest Cotton.

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