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Cool merino summer wool

Why is it so fabulous and why do only few seem to know about it.

Wearing wool on particularly hot days

Sounds absurd, but it's highly recommended - at least when we're talking about merino wool.

For those who like it hot and sticky under their clothes, this post might not be of interest for you. For everyone else, we have prepared a few surprising insights that do not only refer to the special properties of fashion made from merino wool, but also shed light on why the offer on the market is still so small and why the topic of "summer wool" is so little publicised.

What merino wool has been popular for so far:

Sportswear - especially as winter sports underwear.

The assumption that derives from this fact:

Merino wool keeps you warm.

Which is quite true - as is the fact that merino wool does the opposite in warm ambient temperatures - it cools. What we are actually talking about here is the ability to absorb moisture, and not too little of it. Merino wool is indeed quite thirsty and absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. Whether it is sweat or rain, it doesn't make any difference - only in terms of smell. Merino wool does not tolerate stench in any circumstances.

So we know:

Merino wool has excellent moisture and thermal management

The absorption of moisture, even on a large scale if necessary, removes sweat or rain from the skin and allows the skin to focus on regulating the body temperature.

Merino wool is also a deodorant

Because sweat vaporises quickly, odour-causing bacteria do not have enough time to develop. In addition, every single merino fibre contains antimicrobial properties thanks to lanolin - a waxy substance naturally found in sheep's wool. Lanolin prevents the growth of bacteria and thus inhibits the development of odours.

As a result, clothing made of merino wool can be worn several times without washing it (airing is always recommended, though!). This is good for the environment, your wallet and, of course, the material.

Talking about the environment. If you are committed to a lifestyle of health and sustainability, you will love merino wool, because:

Merino wool is sustainable

Not only is this fine wool less washing-intensive - it is biodegradable, taking only six months to complete the process. Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, take 20 years and a few dead sea dwellers…

Merino wool is crease-resistant

Merino wool hardly creases when worn and retains its fit. If you hang it up properly after washing, you will only have a quick time ironing it.

Merino wool is dirt-repellent

A final magical advantage of merino wool is that it is naturally anti-static. Static charge, on the other hand, attracts lint, dust and other dirt.

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Sheep farming and shearing are cruelty to animals?

Answer: Yes & No as it all depends. It depends on where you buy your Merino wool. There are black sheep everywhere - appropriately also in the sheep business. Look out for RWS-certified products, because they stand for species-appropriate sheep farming and sheep farms that refrain from tortures like mulesing.

If you are afraid that the sheep will freeze because we steal its wool, you should take a look at the short report on the runaway sheep Chris:

If farm sheep are not sheared regularly, they will eventually be heavily burdened with the weight and the heat. Nothing against having a thick skin - but in the long run it is not suitable for the sheep in summer.

When it comes to shearing is is also very important that the wool is sourced from certified farms, because shearing has to be done in a way that is appropriate to the species. Not only experienced staff is required, but also a gentle approach. Those who work on a piecework basis and have time pressure risk injuring the animals.

Merino wool scratches?

Again, it depends on how the wool was processed. The production of the yarn and thus aspects such as technology and innovation play a decisive role here. In fact, with the appropriate know-how and the necessary machines, it is possible to produce superfine, soft yarns and create fabrics from them that are in no way inferior to cotton in terms of softness.

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Merino wool products are not durable?

If you take care of it the wrong way, you will indeed experience the consequences. As is the case with many other textiles. However, it should be mentioned that caring for merino wool does not require magic or any other trickery.

3 simple rules:

- You can wash merino wool at a maximum of 30° C.

- Never put it in the dryer

- Use a wool detergent

If the temperature is too high, whether through washing or drying, merino wool can shrink.

And, as already mentioned, there is anyway less need to wash than with other textiles.

Relatively humane? We think so too.

Merino wool clothing is not very stylish

This misconception is based on the fact that merino wool has gained popularity primarily in the form of sports underwear and outdoor clothing. Due to well performing properties of the wool, these products are also quite suitable.

However, this does not mean that it is not possible to produce high fashion with merino wool fabrics. With accordingly fine yarns and fabric constructions, as already described under Myth B, a considerable range of trendy pieces, from shirts to jackets and dresses to trousers, can be created with excellent ease.

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Fine merino wool textiles are positioned in upper price ranges

True Story. But given all these advantages, how could it be otherwise?

Species-appropriate animal husbandry and high-quality workmanship come at a price. However, this price also includes a number of outstanding properties and, with the right care, a long life of the material.

Without a doubt, as a producer of merino wool fabrics, we are advocates of merino wool clothing - out of our own conviction. Accordingly, we keep our own small flock of merino sheep in order to learn and teach what species-appropriate sheep husbandry entails and what the requirements for a happy sheep life are.

To share this with as many people as possible, we have created a small website https://www.weba-merino-farm.c... as well as our own Instagram channel for our sheep farm.

We are happy about everyone who is interested in keeping up with our sheep or our fine cooling merino wool.

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